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Mirror Reflection

Everything is energy.

From a starfish to the beautiful human you are.

We all strive to resonate at a high vibration and this is determined by the energy we carry within us.

Each emotion, fear, anger, grief, peace, joy, grace holds a different vibrancy and therefore the emotions you hold are what you are resonating.

Look around you. What are you attracting into your life? This is a reflection of your vibrancy.

Your closest relationships are here as a blessing to mirror back to you what you might need to work on and also reflect your unique spark within. A perfect opportunity to help each other raise your vibration and release what no longer serves you.

Letting go of emotions can be challenging and difficult to release. Because yes we are so stubborn and we just don’t know what tools are out there.

I have been working with a tool lately of “letting go” of all these past emotions and present emotions. It was called to my attention after some chronic physical ailments that have been nagging me over the past couple of months. These ailments were pointing to some present anger and some deep seated anger.

If you would like help clearing some emotions I will be holding space for new clients starting in January.


Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Intuitive Guide, Reiki Master